CHEM 1210 Final Exam Study Guide

Chapters 1-9 Sample Final Key

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  1. Elise Schellin says:

    For the last question on this practice exam, the answer key says that O2^+1 is the answer. I cannot figure out how to make the lewis structure for this molecule. Is that how you decide the answer, or do you use an MO diagram? I did not know that a molecule could be created with an odd number of electrons.

    • fus says:

      Remember that in this class when we discuss the bonding on diatomic molecules you must use Molecular Orbital Theory and not Lewis Structures to properly analyze the bonding and physical properties. Note: This is true for all molecules, but we simplify the approach for more complex molecules in Gen Chem. If you want to learn more about this take an advanced inorganic class.

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