Materials Needed for CHEM 1210

What materials do I need for this class?

In this class you need the following items:

1. A Mastering Chemistry access code with eText for the 12th Edition of “Chemistry: The Central Science” by Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Murphy, and Woodward
2. A Lab Manual
3. A Lab Notebook
4. A TI30XIIS Calculator

The paper version of the textbook is not required, but if you prefer this format you can purchase one on-line or it is on reserve at the 18th Ave. Library.

The textbook we will be using for this class is “Chemistry The Central Science” 12th Edition by Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Murphy, and Woodward. All of my lecture notes, videos, and references will correspond to the sections of the 12th edition of the book. I will also hyperlink the pages to the eText in the Mastering Chemistry assignments. If you have an older edition of the textbook you are responsible to find the appropriate sections of the text that relate to what I am talking about in class.

There are several ways you can go about purchasing these materials:

#1. Purchase Mastering Chemistry with eText Access. If you click on the following link you will be taken to the Mastering Chemistry web-site and Step 1 asks if you have a course ID. Click Yes, I have a course ID and enter CHEM1210AU14. Step 2 asks if you have an access code. Click No, I need to purchase an online code now and Step 3 will ask which text book you are using. Click the Brown et al Chemistry: The Central Science, 12/e (It has a black cover with chemistry in red letters). For Step 4 click OK to include the eText bundled with Mastering at a reduced cost. This cost is $110.00 for the eBook and the Mastering Chemistry code (with Learning Catalytics). You can view the eBook on your laptop through Mastering Chemistry or if you have an iPad you can download Pearson’s free eText App to read the textbook on your iPad.


#2 Purchase Mastering Chemistry with eText Access. If you go to Ohio State’s Barnes and Noble Long’s Bookstore in the South Campus Gateway you can purchase the same Mastering Chemistry code mentioned above.


#3. Purchase a textbook with Mastering Chemistry. I stopped by Barnes and Noble in the South Campus Gateway the other day and you have two options that have the Mastering Chemistry code bundled with the textbook. These are the same book, the first is hard cover and the second is a paperback version. If you click the following link: you will be taken to the Ohio State Barnes & Noble Official Campus Bookstore web-site. Here you will have two textbook options:

#1. Chemistry: The Central Science w/SG Master Chem, Period&3D by Brown


#2. Chemistry: Custom Text+SG Package

The chemistry department worked out a deal with the publishing company to package a few things together, which makes the cost of the book cheaper. You will receive a student guide and a periodic table shrink wrapped with the book. (all you really need is the book and the Mastering Code. The periodic table is also nice, but you can throw everything else away). Depending on which book you purchase your Mastering Chemistry code will look like one of those shown below:


#4. Purchase a used version of the textbook (from either the bookstore or some other web-site) then buy a separate Mastering Chemistry code. (If you purchase the 11th Edition or before it is up to you to determine which sections of the 12th Edition map up to the sections of the 11th Edition). If you do this you will need to purchase a Mastering Chemistry access code, which will cost $66, and an access code to Learning Catalytics, which will cost $12 per semester, so be sure that you are saving at least $78 compared to the cost of a textbook at Barnes and Noble or the eText to make it worthwhile. When you register for Mastering Chemistry, be sure to select the 12th Edition of the textbook regardless of what older book you are using as we will be using the 12th edition for the class.

In addition to the text you will need a lab manual and a lab notebook for the lab portion of the text. The manual costs $37.60 and the notebook is $19.99. They are both pictured below.

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