1.5 Uncertainty in Measurement

Now that we have emphasized the units we will be using, we need to come up with a system that will indicate to us, and more importantly, someone else who is reading our data, just how good our measurement is. Significant Figures tell us how good our data is.

1.5 Significant Figures

Once the rules for significant figures have been established for individual numbers, we then need to determine a set of rules allowing us to determine significant figures in calculations. The following video shows the significant figure rules for problems involving addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

1.5 Significant Figures in Calculations

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  1. These videos are great. They really helped me understand everything. Thank You!!

  2. Nikita Meshwani says:

    I love being able to pause and re-watch the video to catch up on my notes! This method is really helping me learn. Thank you!!

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