23.4 Nomenclature and Isomerism in Coordination Chemistry

Once the modern day formulas were introduced, chemists began to investigate how ligands surrounded the transition metal center. The term isomer is given to complexes that have the same overall composition, but different structures. This prompted chemists to introduce two new terms: coordination sphere and coordination number.

23.4 Arranging Ligands Around the Transition Metal Center: Introducing Isomers

Once Werner showed coordination complexes could exist as isomers, chemists began to investigate various isomers and in this class we will cover two types of structural isomers (linkage and coordination sphere) and two types of stereo isomers (geometric and optical).

23.4 Isomer Overview

23.4 Linkage Isomers

23.4 Coordination Sphere Isomers

23.4 Geometric Isomers

23.4 Optical Isomers

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