3.3 Formula Weights

Our main goal in this chapter is to make quantitative calculations about the amount of reactants and products formed in a chemical reaction. In order to reach this goal, we must first examine the individual atoms and molecules that make up the overall chemical reaction. This starts with determining formula weights and molar mass.

3.3-3.4 Formula Weight and Molar Mass

2 Responses to 3.3 Formula Weights

  1. Kathryn Satkowski says:

    You lost me at the end

    • Danny Morrill says:

      what he is saying is that if you add up all the avg atomic mass units found under the atomic symbol for an atom and add them all up you will come to the molar mass. so if you had 180 grams of glucose (sugar) you would have one mol, but if u had 90 grams you would have half a molwhich is calculated by 90grams /180 grams/mol and u get .5 mol

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