6.1 Electronic Structure of Atoms

The first four chapters of our textbook described chemical reactions and we were able to observe the chemical and physical properties of these reactions. We could also predict the amount of reactants consumed and products formed in each of the reactions we studied.

In Chapters 1-4 we didn’t really explain answer any “why?” questions, we simply showed the results and then related them to the properties of matter. In order to answer some of the “why?” questions in chemistry we need to use quantum mechanics to describe the arrangements of electrons in atoms, which chemists and physicists refer to as the electronic structure of atoms.

6.1 Electronic Structure of Atoms Overview

In order to understand the electronic structure of atoms we must understand the wave-like nature of light. We encounter this property of light in our everyday lives when discussing the various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

6.1 Electromagnetic Raiation

Now that we have a relationship established between energy, frequency, and wavelength we can inter-convert between each of these values.

6.1 Energy, Frequency, Wavelength Example Problem

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