6.5 & 6.6 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Orbitals

In 1926 Erwin Schrodinger developed a mathematical equation that represents the energy of the electrons in an atom. These energies are the same in the Bohr model, but it improves the Bohr model in the fact that it accounts for the electrons orbiting the nucleus in atomic orbitals, rather than circular orbits. The Schrodinger is the foundation of Quantum Mechanics.

6.5 Quantum Mechanics

Solving the Schrodinger equation requires advanced calculus, but the results of these calculations give us some practical results. We are able to pictorially represent orbitals from this equation and in this course you are not required to solve the Schrodinger equation mathematically, but you will need to know how to identify the atomic orbitals.

6.5 & 6.6 Atomic Orbitals

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